“Breed Me!” Naughty, sultry Nina screamed

At the end of her two-day spree, Nina came home and fell into a brief but deep sleep. She had been a very bad girl. The day before she had met a man in a motel — a last minute get together arranged mainly to work on her cock-sucking skills, but also, to be sure, to get her pussy fucked. When the opportunity arose to see this man that she had only chatted with online and on the phone, to meet at a motel and fuck him, she was at work. It took her less than a few minutes to agree, mainly because she knew that she had to keep her mouth in shape for an upcoming event — she had a favorite cock she wanted to pleasure. At the seedy motel off the highway, she met her lab experiment – and it’s true, she noted with a matter-of-fact sigh — this one I’m meeting for his cock. But he was no two-minute-he’s-done-dude. No it took persistence to milk his cum, which she liked, because then she got to try various techniques, and her cheeks and tongue got a work out. Her mouth had only gotten tired once in recent memory, and that was after about 45 minutes of non-stop sucking, following another session of sucking two at once for close to an hour.

Since she arrived from work, she had to take a minute in the el-cheapo bathroom to slut it up, and what a riot, she laughed to herself, when she walked out, tanned, in sexy skimpy g-string, holding her tits, legs propped longer in black shiny spiky things that she’d only wear from the bathroom to the bed. He stared at her, said something sweet but not nearly nasty enough to be memorable about how good she looked, and was “as advertised”. Not much in the mood for small talk or any talk except telling him to fuck her pussy and ass harder when it was time, Nina playfully pushed him back on the bed, placed his balls between her thumbs and forefingers, and dove down swallowing his medium-sized member and swishing her tongue back and forth. She took pleasure in his submission to her power and in her own little game of feeling her clitoris tremble and desire to cum, then controlling it. But the next day, Nina’s control would waver and collapse before her, as she experienced an encounter that destroyed her capacity to regulate her orgasms. She tried, but her body and perhaps part of her mind, an unconscious need to release weeks of inner turmoil, to turn poison into medicine, to reconstitute herself, took over. After all, some people meditated. Nina fucked.

It was endlessly exciting to Nina, how each day’s sexual experiences would develop into their own unique scenario. On the way, she received a text message from her Commander-in-all-thangs-pussy, telling her to purchase two large cucumbers and tell the man she was going to fuck, to double penetrate her with them. She was driving in a part of town where supermarkets were few and far between — bars, dollar stores, and small ethnic groceries amidst mom and pop restaurants lined the avenue. After stopping three times at three different groceries, she managed to find a huge cucumber and a plantain. Tropical fruit dp…a new adventure! Nina giggled, excited and nervous- how would a plantain feel up her ass?! She already knew what a cucumber was like — she had been trained to dp with these lovely long vegetables.

In his room, she laughed. He had bought fruit too, and neither of them had discussed it — apples, bananas and kiwi were on his toy table, with the lube and various dildos. Soft straight ahead jazz played on his sound system as they embraced and kissed. Previously he had told her he wanted to begin romantically and after treat her like a slut. Nina couldn’t help but combine the two…romance and sluttiness were not incompatible opposites. Kneeling on the floor, she hiked her dress up over her ass and looked around seductively at him. He laughed warmly, walking to her, massaged her ass, and inserted one, two, three then four fingers into her ass. Rotating her hips, she curled her lips; her eyes began to shut and she squeezed her pussy to tease herself. Her orders: do not cum. Do not tell him you can’t cum. If you do, you are his slave. When he makes you cum, scream out: I’m a slut for big black cock and I want you to breed me!

The softness of romance dissipated as his cock grew and the power of his energy overtook him. “On the bed!” he ordered. She climbed up, ass up and he entered, fucking back and forth between her pussy and her ass. “We’re going to try new things” he told her. “Today you are going to do ATM — ass to mouth.” She didn’t say anything, just nodded, feeling that familiar tickle, that increased excitement in being used as a play toy, as a receptacle for his pleasure and experiments. He pumped faster and deeper; she felt the familiar places flood with good feelings, her mind pouring into her body’s sensations, till suddenly he pulled out of her and jumped in front of her, shoving his cock in her mouth! “Taste it! Taste your ass and pussy on my cock!” he demanded. For a split second, she hesitated, but only she herself knew it, before she swallowed his dick, sucking, keeping him in her mouth, eyes jammed shut. “You’re going to gag on it” he said. “Do you like that?” She nodded: affirmative. But she was anxious. Gagging repeatedly made her cum, and not just cum, but squirt. Over and over. Pour out the liquids. Waterfalls. She never ejected so much fluid as when a cock was forced down her throat, the back of her head pulled in, and gasping for breath, electrified by the image of herself on her knees, submissive and swallowing the phallus, her body involuntarily began to spasm out liquid. “Take a breath” he said, as she gulped in the air, “Now again. Swallow it! NOW!” She opened and swallowed, again, over and over, she gagged, soaking the towel with her cum from her pussy and the liquids from her mouth. This is why she never ate before going to an encounter. Wine yes, but food was out of the question. It was violent and charged with the energy of dominance and submission. She lay on the bed and he fucked her with the fruit; cucumber in her ass, plantain in her pussy. Bananas, while he shoved the apple in her mouth, gagging her with it. As she came she spit out the apple and screamed “I love being a BBC Slut! Breed me!!!”

Later, writing to HIM, to acknowledge her failure in not being able to control her orgasms she wrote: “I was on my knees sucking his cock and he told me he wanted me to gag on it. : He grabbed my hair, opened my jaw and shoved his cock down my throat. He fucked my throat and wouldn’t cum out till I gagged. He put a towel under me, and I mean it was intense. I’ve never done so much of this gagging over and over! I tried to take a breath, and he’d let me, then he’d say “get your mouth on my fucking cock” and he shoved my face down on it till I gagged again. I just started cumming. I couldn’t stop….”
Afterwards, they talked and laughed. Friends. How can this be, this fluid movement between real control and real submission, then movement to friendship. Warmth. Nina told him about her mother’s illness and he immediately embraced her, stroked her hair, held her hand, caressed her cheek. Nina smiled bravely. They began to talk about the corrupt politician who had just had a hearing….and then it was time. Time to go to her next encounter.

6 Responses to ““Breed Me!” Naughty, sultry Nina screamed”

  1. Excellent as usual. I really like bad girls. Not as much as good girls gone bad, but I do like bad girls. :-)
    I don’t know if I’ve been reading too many sex positive blogs with sex toy reviews but I had to take a moment to stop reading your story to think about the question. What’s the best kind of lube to use with fruits and vegetables? I think this is why my story writing gets so bogged down, all the details I keep thinking I need to add. :-)

  2. artemisephesus Says:

    Well Nicholas, I was a good girl once….I think! ;-)
    And yeah, I know what you mean about the whole lube thing. Especially with veggies, man. I mean…don’t veggies deserve a lube that was animal-testing free? Maybe when I try carrots I should borrow some of the horse lube ;-) damn that stuff comes in bucketsful!
    Details, details. Sometimes a cliche says it all.

  3. Sorry for being tardy in replying.

    I’m trying to get my head around the concept of horse lube. Is that for gay horses :-) or when Mrs Ed ain’t in the mood?

    • artemisephesus Says:

      Yeah horse lube comes in tubs. It’s hysterical. It’s for breeding…usually :-)

      • Usually???
        I looked it up and all I could find was lube for the hooves.
        So now I have this image of one horse keeping watch to winnie a warning in case anyone comes while the rest of the stallions are covering their front hooves in lube then standing on hind legs so they can knock one out.

      • artemisephesus Says:

        Lube for hooves? Well…I haven’t been academic about it, i.e. I haven’t researched it myself. However, I know for SURE that Brianna…I think it was Brianna certainly has experienced it. She saw the tub, she felt the “slime” as her Horse Master called it, and it made that HUGE monster cock go in that pussy and explode in a flare so massive she screamed at the top of her lungs. So yes, horse lube in tubs.

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